Back Sleeping: What Mattresses Are The Best For Back Sleepers?

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Research indicates that one in five people sleep on their back. When it comes to back sleeping, the two main positions that are involved are the “soldier” and “starfish” position. The “soldier” position involves both legs being mostly straight and both arms pointing downward toward the legs. On the other hand, the “starfish” position involves the legs being further apart and both arms above the head.

Back sleeping has its bright and dark side. One of the benefits of back sleeping is that the body and limbs are less contorted. Since back sleeping does not impart any direct pressure on the face, it reduces the chances of facial wrinkles. Back sleeping also reduces acid reflux as the head and esophagus are usually elevated relative to the stomach. The only downside of back sleeping is that it increases the chances of snoring and the risk of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Mattress Considerations For Back Sleepers

It is essential for back sleepers to select a mattress that facilitates a restful night and one that does not induce backache. Below are the key factors that back sleepers should consider while shopping for a mattress:


Generally, the best mattresses are those that offer perfect spine alignment. Even for the back sleepers, the best mattress for them is one that perfectly contours to the body to provide the required cushioning in the most crucial body parts. The mattress selected must have good responsiveness so that there is not too much sink or hug in the mattress.


The best mattresses are those that have medium firmness, and this applies for back sleepers too. Extra plush mattresses can be too soft and might not be the best at keeping the body straight. On the other hand, a rigid mattress will exert undue pressure to the back and neck. The best mattresses in terms of firmness will read 4-7 on the firmness scale. Back sleepers are better off sleeping on a mattress that is on the higher end of this scale.


People don’t fancy the idea of buying a mattress frequently. Buying a durable mattress is also an investment, and as such, it is important to buy a product that lasts. Sagging mattresses, especially for back sleepers, are not the best as they don’t provide the needed support while sleeping. Choosing a mattress made of quality components is essential as these do not wear out quickly.

Spring Mattresses vs. Foam Mattresses

Spring Mattresses

As the name suggests, these mattress have a layer of metallic springs as the major component, which is covered in fabric. The firmness of these mattresses is determined by the gauge of the coils used. Thinner coils can readjust according to the body profile but are often less firm. On the other hand, thick coils are not easy to compress and do not readjust accordingly leading to more pressure on the body.

These mattresses are available at low budgets, and some offer conforming support. However, the mainstream varieties of spring mattress do not provide sufficient support or pressure relief especially for back pain patients and back sleepers. Only high-end varieties of spring mattresses offer the desired degree of motion isolation.

Foam Mattresses

These mattresses are designed and manufactured to mold themselves to the body contours. Further, these mattresses are customized for pressure relief and also isolates body motion. Some brands of foam mattresses have also manufactured temperature sensitive mattresses that adjust its shape according to the pressure. These mattresses are essential choices due to their automatic adjustment to the sleeper’s body and the excellent pressure relief and support feature.

Final Verdict

Spring mattresses are not the best choices for back sleepers since they don’t provide proper support of the body as foam mattresses do. Since they are overly firm, they exert pressure to the back and neck regions, which may lead to back pain.


Tips For Choosing A Mattress For Side Sleepers

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People like to sleep in different positions. Some people like to sleep on their back whereas some prefer sleeping on their side and there are also those who like to sleep on their stomach. There is nothing wrong with sleeping on the side or sleeping on your stomach but it is important for you to keep in mind that not all the mattresses are meant for people who are used to sleeping on their side or on their stomach.

If you want to make sure that you always get up refreshed after a night’s sleep, you need to make sure that the mattress you have chosen is designed to be the perfect solution for your sleeping position. In this article, we are going to take a close look at the kind of mattress for people who like to sleep on their side.

First and foremost, it is important for you to understand that side sleeping offers a number of benefits. This is also the reason, doctors also recommend side sleeping during pregnancy. It also helps in reducing acid reflux for people who suffer from this condition. Sleeping on the side is great as it not only reduces pressure on the lungs but also helps in improving circulation.

In simple terms, side sleeping makes it easier for you to breathe and also helps in getting rid of snoring. However, side sleeping also has some negatives. For instance, it may lead to aches and pains in your body due to pressure points caused by unsupportive beds. Here is a list of some of the important factors you need to take into account in order to choose the right mattress in case you like to sleep on your side.

One of the most important factors you need to look at is the degree of firmness. There is no standard firmness scale for side sleepers as it is more of an individual preference. Also, different manufacturers offer different styles of firmness and it also depends on the type of material used as well as the style of mattress you want to buy. For instance, the traditional innerspring mattresses have individual springs and firmness depends on the type of padding as well as number of springs and other such things. Another important parameter you need to take into account is motion separation. Some of the mattresses are really good at motion separation whereas others are not that good at it.

While you always have the option of buying the traditional spring mattress, these days, many companies also offer memory foam mattresses or mattresses made from other materials. A memory foam mattress offers a number of advantages for side sleepers. You must be aware that memory foam differs a lot from other types of foams as it helps in distributing weight evenly. Also, it responds to change in temperature which means it offers proper support by molding around the shape when someone sleeps on it. As far as material is concerned, latex foam mattresses also offer another great option for side sleepers.

Overall, you should pay attention to the firmness level, support as well as material used for making the mattress in order to make the right choice when buying a mattress for side sleeping. It is important to mention here that some companies specialize in making mattresses that are designed specifically for side sleepers or stomach sleepers. You should use your favorite search engine in order to discover such companies.

Another important thing you should know is that these days, you also have the option of buying all kinds of mattresses online. In fact, there are many companies that only sell online and do not have any regular brick and mortar stores to display their products. One of the biggest advantages of buying from these online companies is that they offer a very long review period. Most of the companies offer a testing period of around 100 nights whereas some companies also offer a testing period of more than 300 days.

In simple terms, it means that they allow users to test the mattress for a really long period of time. In case the buyer is not satisfied with the quality of the mattress or any other thing, they have the option of returning the mattress and getting full refund. It’s a win-win for the buyer as well as the manufacturer of the mattress as it allows buyers to try out a new product without any undue risk. So, you should also take advantage of this and try out a mattress that claims to be designed specifically for side sleepers.


How Promo Codes Can Play A Big Role Online

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When you are buying things online, one of the main things that are likely to influence your purchase the most would be the total cost of it. The total cost of the purchase that you are making is likely to dictate whether or not you are even going to make the purchase. Below, we will discuss some of the reasons promo codes play such a big role.

Reasons Promo Codes Play An Important Role:

  1. Comparison Shopping.

One of the main reasons these codes can play such a big role in determining where and when you make a purchase is due to the prominence of comparison shopping. If you are looking to buy things, it is easier than ever to do comparison shopping online. While this is not the case when you are shopping offline at brick and mortar stores, you can easily conduct comparison shopping when you are buying something online. The ease and prominence of comparison shopping is by far the biggest reason these codes play such a big role in online shopping.

  1. Popularity Of Deal Sites.

Another reason they have become so important for a customer and their purchasing decision has to do with the overall popularity of deal sites. Nowadays, you will generally find that a majority of the deal sites out there are not only heavily trafficked, but they are flooded with promo offers. Because of the increasing popularity of these deal sites, you generally need to pay attention to them as a retailer if you want to gain traction in your respective industry.

  1. Conversions.

Another reason they have become so important has to do with the fact that they can completely boost your conversions. While you might be getting a lot of traffic to your website or even your checkout, you might not be converted at a high enough rate. If so, you are going to want to look for ways to improve your conversions. One of the very best ways to improve your conversions in a big way is by introducing promo codes to the mix. By giving customers promo codes, you will be able to maximize your conversions because it is going to give your prospective customers an incentive to make the purchasing decision right there. It is easily one of the most effective ways to convince someone that might not be ready to make their final purchasing decision.

There are a lot of reasons promo codes have become so prominent and important in today’s digital marketplace. Nowadays, when you are competing for business online, you will need to provide as much incentive as possible to help move them towards making a purchasing decision. By using promo codes smartly, a retailer is able to increase conversions and even drive buying traffic in a lot of cases. Consumers more than ever are actively looking for deals. Therefore, you want to take advantage of this as a retailer and offer promo codes which can nudge prospective customers towards making a purchase with your website.


8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Offer Discount Codes

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As a consumer, you are always looking to save money with every purchase. It, therefore, follows that you will prefer to purchase from a store that offers the best deals. One way businesses and stores can attract more customers to buy from them is by offering discounts on their goods. Interestingly, discounts are not only beneficial to the customers but also the business providing them. Here are some of the reasons why businesses should offer discount codes:

Increase Traffic

Offering discounts for a short time is beneficial to businesses as it attracts a large number of potential customers to view the discounted products. Proper advertisement for discounted sales is essential as well so that people are clear with the details. It is important for businesses to state clearly the discount period and rates to get customers at the right time.

It is also essential for businesses to anticipate the increase in the number of potential buyers and take the necessary steps. They should ensure that they schedule more staff to attend to the customers. They should also be prepared to take the necessary action when they run out of stock within the discount period.

Increase Sales

With an increase, it follows that they will be a potential increase in the sales of discounted goods. Attracting more customers to your business also increases their chances of viewing other regular-priced items that might as well please them. Customers may like other regular products and may as well go ahead and buy them as they have already on the discounted items on sale.

Meeting Sales Target

Every business has its sales or returns objectives set out for every week, month, quarter or year. There is nothing as important to the growth of businesses as meeting their sales targets. By meeting sales targets, businesses are guaranteed profits and is also a good sign of business growth. Discounts also help compensate for the seasonal fluctuations of customers, which results in consistency in sales.

New Customer Leads

There is no better time to attract new customers than during a discount period. As mentioned earlier, customers are always on the lookout for businesses that are offering discounts on their goods. Discount codes are therefore important for attracting new customers and expanding your business community. With an increase in customers, business sales are potentially boosted.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Business owners will tell you that it is one thing to attract new customers and another maintain the old customers. Maintain your old pool of customers is never the job for a business. Luckily, offering discount codes is a good way for a business to maintain its relationships with old customers. Customers view this as a sign of reward to their loyalty, and in most cases, this relationship grows stronger.

Monetizing Stock

Offering discount codes is the best way for businesses to clear ‘dead’ stock form their books. Most businesses use discounts as a way of helping them move goods that take time to move from the shelves. It is also the perfect way of clearing goods that you don’t plan on stocking anymore. It is crucial to place these items where they can be seen clearly. It would also be a good idea to provide a bigger discount on such goods so that they move faster.

Increase Brand Awareness

Discounts are also the perfect way of introducing a new brand to your customers. Business can offer discounts on these new brands to invite more customers to try them out. This way, a brand can gain popularity among customers.

Free Storage Space

By offering discounts on goods, more customers are invited to view and potentially buy those goods. With more customers comes increased sales, meaning that goods move faster, creating more space for more inventory.


Discounts codes are invitations to customers to buy goods at discounted prices. Businesses benefit from discount codes by increasing sales, developing stronger customer relationships, and moving their stock faster.