How do you turn off autocorrect on iPhone?

Automatic correction uses the dictionary to check the spelling of words as you type and automatically corrects spelling mistakes. Indeed, self-correction can sometimes drive you crazy, especially if you want to write something in a different language, and this suggests Polish words. In combination with the mechanism that makes a space accept the amendment, it can be really frustrating. How do you turn off autocorrect on iPhone? 

If we are disturbed by the default keyboard functions on the iPhone and iPad, they can be easily changed. With the help of settings we can turn off auto-correction, automatic capitalization or some keyboard shortcuts.

Auto-correction can sometimes interfere with work. For example, when it converts words we type into completely different words. It is similar with a capital letter, which sometimes appears in the least needed moments. However, both functions can be easily disabled. 

How do you turn off autocorrect on iPhone?

Using automatic correction 

To use this function, simply enter something in the text box. To ensure that this setting is enabled, do the following:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Tap General> Keyboard.
  • Turn on the Auto Correction feature. This feature is enabled by default.

Using the text prediction function 

Thanks to the predictive text function, you can write and complete the entire sentence with a few taps. 

As you type, word and phrase suggestions appear that you can enter next. Tooltips are based on previous conversations, writing style, and even websites visited in Safari. 

Enabling text prediction 

To turn text prediction on or off, touch and hold the emoji icon or globe icon. Tap Keyboard Settings, and then enable the Prediction function. You can also go to Settings> General> Keyboard and enable or disable the Prediction function.



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