How much is home security system?

Having a security system can protect your valuables from burglars. How much is home security system?

How do companies increase home security? 

There are two common ways that home security providers increase security at an affordable price:

Reduction of entry costs for people signing the contract

This is a great option if you want home security but you can’t afford the high upfront costs. Initial costs include hardware, installation and activation costs. Depending on the provider, installation or activation costs may still be required for registration. 

Offering home alarm systems

DIY systems are ideal for people who prefer to pay more in advance, which usually allows for a lower monthly monitoring fee. Some companies also offer non-contractual security systems for consumers who buy equipment in advance. 

But before you spend money, ask yourself: Do I need a home security system? Will the protection obtained justify the costs? To answer these questions, you can start by looking at your own risk of becoming a victim of a burglary. 

The cost of home security systems depends on the price of equipment, plan, installation and others. When looking for the best home security system, it’s easy to wonder how much it will really cost? Many of the costs for home security systems are equipment. The monthly cost of home security can also include professional 24/7 monitoring services, cloud security cameras storage and the ability to control your home security system using the security provider’s mobile application.

Currently, the average cost of home security monitoring services is between $ 15-35 per month. The initial cost of security equipment is usually between USD 100 and 250, and the monthly cost of security equipment is between USD 10 and 35 / month. Both are costs that should be considered when choosing a home security system. Professional monitoring provides 24-hour supervision over the house, and security equipment is an essential step in securing your home. 

How much is home security system?

Is professional monitoring worth it? 

Monitored home security systems are equipped with professional monitoring services that watch over your home around the clock to alert you and rescuers if the sensor is triggered to protect your valuables from burglary, fire and smoke detection. The lowest basic security plan monitored by ADT includes professional monitoring costs USD 44.99 / month. It all depends on the security needs of your home. 

However, remember that if a danger is detected, professional monitoring services will contact you if the sensor is triggered. After being contacted by a security provider and any emergency contacts, he will contact the police on your behalf. The delay time between the triggered sensor and the response to reaching home can be long.

On the other hand, unmonitored home security systems will automatically notify you directly when the sensor is triggered. After receiving the notification, you must determine whether it is a false alarm or call an ambulance. Home security systems are cheaper because most functions and equipment are bought in advance – e.g. SimpliSafe professional monitoring package costs USD 14.99 / month.



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