Does car insurance cover hail damage?

The only certain thing about the weather is that it is always unpredictable. Severe storms can wreak havoc on your home, car and city. The car can easily be hit by unsightly dents due to hail damage. The cost of repairing hail damage can be shocking because damage is usually spread over the entire vehicle. Does car insurance cover hail damage? 

According to a rate analysis carried out by, the average cost of a minimum insurance condition sufficient for legal driving, but not sufficient to pay for damage to a car or serious accident, is USD 526. 

You’ll pay around $ 800 a year ($ 67 a month) to increase protection to the full range, which includes the following costs and costs an average of $ 1,355: 

Treatment costs of USD 100,000 per person, up to USD 300,000 in the event of injuries $ 100,000 to cover property damage to others

Comprehensive and collision

Comprehensive insurance and collision insurance are rarely sold separately, but according to the Insurance Information Institute, the average cost of comprehensive insurance alone is $ 172 per year.

Does car insurance cover hail damage?


If you only bought an insurance policy covering only liability, you would not be covered by a claim for damages. The scope of responsibility only protects against damage caused by the vehicle to other people.

It is important to buy comprehensive insurance long before you think you will need it, otherwise it may be too late to prevent paying for hail damage. 

For example, although hail is rare in a hurricane, insurance carriers refrain from adding comprehensive protection when a hurricane is predicted to land. If you are unable to obtain comprehensive protection against blocking, you will be responsible for any physical damage to the vehicle. If hail occurs during a separate storm or hurricane, you only have protection if it was added on time.

Can hail damage my car?

To put it simply: yes: your car may be damaged by hail. Damage can be significant, depending on the current value of the vehicle may not be worth repairing. An insurance appraiser will be able to check if the vehicle will be repaired. 

Hail damage can be frustrating. Often people think that the situation may have been unavoidable and they don’t feel like they have to pay for repairs or deductions. Storm damage is one of the unexpected life surprises that everyone has to deal with. Remember that deductions are possible to keep overall insurance costs at a reasonable level. We hope that if you are caught by a storm, you plan to buy comprehensive protection for your vehicles if you are not prepared for self-insurance. Otherwise, you must park as often as possible in a garage or under a roof, such as a roof.

Repairing hail damage

Lucky! Many insurance policies will not send you a check until the repair has been completed, but some will simply send you the estimated repair cost minus the deduction. If you own your car and the damage is only cosmetic, you probably don’t need to make repairs. However, if you decide to live with “holes,” you’ll probably get significantly less money for your vehicle if and when you want to resell it. If you have an automatic loan, you will most likely have to repair it.



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